Forest View Gang Mills

Fire Department






To the residents of Gang Mills and Forest View Fire District. I just wanted to take a minute of your time to tell you about some wonderful people that you have in your Community.  As I compiled the data for the close of 2009 I thought that it was important that you were aware of these facts. The Men and Women of the Forest View Gang Mills Fire Department have spent over 4,600 hours at 182 alarms, 2,498 hours at training, and over 1900 hours at meetings and other activities in support of our community. As well, the members of the Board of Fire Commissioners have spent countless hours in meetings, training, and information gathering in support of the Community. With everyone’s busy lives and schedules today we are extremely lucky to have these special Men and Women that are willing to give of themselves in support of the Fire Department Motto, “That Others May Live”.


 I would also like to thank the families of our members that have sacrificed time and time again when our alarms have disrupted their family events, plans, meals and often time sleep. Without your continued support of our Firefighters we would not be able to maintain the strong organization that we have.


So, to our Community, You are in very good hands, to our Members and their families, thank you for all that you do for us each and every day. You are all very special people, and we are very lucky to have you.




Peter K. Bierwiler


Forest View Gang Mills

Fire Department.